St Augustine Academy is committed to the continuous raising of achievement for all our students.  Regular attendance is critical if our students are to be successful and benefit from the opportunities put in front of them.  

Evidence clearly shows that good attendance brings about improved performance in all areas of their educational life and has a major impact on the success of pupils throughout their lives. Good attendance also plays an important role in ensuring that the young people in our school are safe.

We actively promote 100% attendance for all our students and use a variety of termly and annual awards to promote good attendance and punctuality.

100 attendance Students who have 100% attendance in a term are awarded a 100% attendance certificate. There names are also entered into the termly attendance prize draw.


100 Attendance Cinema TicketThroughout the year, we hold a range of attendance rewards. For example, we recently held a 100% Attendance Christmas Cinema. 

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During our termly attendance assembilies, we award students who have 100% in both Term 1 & 2 with a Bronze Attendance certificate and badge. Students who recieve 100% attendance from Term 1 through to Term 4 recieve the Silver Attendance certificate and badge and students who have 100% for the whole academic year will be awarded the Gold Attendance certificate and badge. We actively encourage students to wear these badges on their blazers.

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