Home Learning

Home learning is an important part of the Academy curriculum as it allows students to revise and reflect on the learning that they have been involved in during the day. It also allows them to complete additional tasks related to individual subjects and gives them the time management and planning skills they will need in further education and employment.

Students will now access all the details of their home learning from Showbie. Details of how this works and the login procedure for students is available in the Students area of the website where there is also a home learning timetable for both students and parents/carers to view.

Introduction to Showbie

Due to the current situation with Covid 19 all home learning at St Augustine Academy will be set via an app called Showbie – we will no longer be using SIMS Parent App for home learning, but will continue to use it for attendance, behaviour and achievement.  This is under review to the evolving situation with Covid 19.  Parents and students can download the Showbie app to any internet enabled device (including a mobile phone) to see what home learning has been set and when it needs to be done by.  Showbie is simple to use and free, but does require parents to open set-up a Showbie account.

How do I set-up a parental account on Showbie?

Download the Showbie App on any internet enabled device and sign up for a parental account following the instructions on screen.  Once you have done this you will need a code to link your parental account to your child’s account to see what home learning has been set for your child.  If you have more than one child at St Augustine Academy you will need a separate code for each child. 

In order to get the code for your child/children you will need to send a brief email to your child’s mentor who will be able to give you the code.

How does your child set up their account on Showbie?

Download the Showbie App on any internet enabled device and sign up for a student account using your school email address – if students are unsure what their email address is they need to ask their mentor.  Once you have done this, they will need to enter the codes to ‘join’ their different classes so they will be able to access their home learning –teachers will give them the codes for their classes.

How do I monitor my child’s achievement, behaviour and attendance?

Monitoring of your child’s achievements, behaviour and attendance at the Academy is monitored through the SIMS Parent App.  To set-up a SIMS Parent account please follow the below instructions.


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