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On this page we are listing all the important information for parents and pupils to be able to access learning from home. All the relvant documents below are available as downloads.


 Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Academy is open to all pupils on the Monday 8th March.

I hope you and your family are well.                                                                                                                        I am writing to inform you that the Academy will be opening for all pupils on Monday 8th March. The government has increased safety measures to help all schools open in a COVID secure manner.

Non symptomatic pupil testing

All pupils of secondary school age should take 3 lateral flow COVID tests at test sites, a minimum of 3-5 days apart and then continue with home testing.                                                                                                                        The testing is to help find non symptomatic pupils who unbeknown to them are carrying COVID 19.                              If a positive result comes back then the normal isolation procedures would be followed. This will reduce any possible cross infection in schools, to families and the local community.

Although these tests are voluntary, it is the government's and our expectation that all children will take these tests as it will help the Academy open safely and reduce risk.

The expectation is that all children will have at least one negative test before they start on the 8th March.                  To help facilitate this mass testing we are working in conjunction with Kent County Council. KCC have 24 test sites across the County which are for lateral flow testing specifically for adults and children with no COVID 19 symptoms. They have three local sites in and around Maidstone which are open late into the evening and on weekends.                To use the KCC sites you will need to book online and then supervise your child unless they are 16.

We would like as many parents as possible to support their child to use the KCC sites as we do not have the same capacity or opening times at the Academy. If you struggle to get to the KCC sites then you can book a test at the Academy from Tuesday to Friday on next week.                                                                                                       I have attached a link which will provide more information, links to the KCC sites and the form you will need to fill in.

You will need an email and mobile number so please have these ready before you click onto the link.


Whether your child is tested at the Academy or at the KCC site, you will need to complete the attached form as we are required to record information about the test results. This link will also be on our website. The second major change is that all pupils, except a few pupils who are already exempt, will have to wear face masks in the classroom during lessons. Face masks do reduce transmission of COVID 19 which is why we use them when we do our essential shopping.

Please ensure you have a good supply of face masks at home and your child carries more than one to school each day. It is a change, many children will not like it at first, but it is to keep everyone safe.The face mask classroom rule will be reviewed by the government at Easter.

We are maintaining all other safety measures, this includes the normal staggered starts and finishes, separate entrances / exits, year group bubbles, ventilation and regular hand washing.

To confirm the staggered start and finishing times:

Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9                                                                                                                                    8.30 start and finish at 2.30pm

Year 10 and Year 11                                                                                                                                            9.30 start and finish 3.30pm

Some year groups will be entering and leaving the Academy at a different place.                                                        Year 9 will now be expected to enter and leave the Academy via the service entrance to the right of the main hall on the top road, near to the Year 7 entrance.

Year 11 will also be expected to enter and leave the Academy via the service entrance to the right of the main hall on the top road, near to the Year 10 entrance.

All pupils will be expected to return in full uniform and have their own equipment, so please check if your children needs any new shoes etc. although I understand this is difficult online and with a number of retail shops shut. We do have ties available if your child needs one.                                                                                                             To help support you and your child's return to the Academy all year group pastoral teams will be offering an online meeting next week to go over the arrangements, to reassure and answer any queries. Please try and attend if you have queries. You can also phone the school office during normal working hours or through the email who can pass on your question to the relevant  member of staff.

Thank you for continuing to support your child's home learning next week; please support the testing process and very soon normal schooling will resume.

Kindest regards

Mr Feldwick



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