Christmas at the Academy!

As you enter the Reception area at the Academy, you are greeted by a beautifully decorated tree which just shouts 'Christmas!' However, when you walk into the main corridor, there is a giant, fully lit & decorated tree with plenty of 'presents' at its base. 

At the end of such a difficult year where staff and students have been working so hard to create a positive learning environment, the Academy has introduced Advent noticeboards where this effort, hard work and kind gestures are recognised. So far, the staff teams acknowledged include cleaning, Maths, PE, Reception & Office teams  as well as the Student Mangers. There are also noticeboards in every year group area where individual students have been commended for their hard work, effort, kindness and thoughtfulness towards others.

We are now all looking forward to our fundraising Christmas Jumper day on the last day of term. 

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