1. Improvements in pupil behaviour: “Pupils now behave very well in lessons and around the school. This has helped teachers and pupils to focus on learning.”

2. Our ambition for students: “School leaders have planned a curriculum that is ambitious. Pupils get a broad, interesting choice of examined options at key stage 4.”

3. The school’s work with careers: “The school has a well-structured careers programme for all ages.”

4. Extra-curricular and Enrichment: Our “exciting” enrichment programme was described as “fantastic”.

5. A safe and caring environment: Inspectors saw that we are a very caring school where students feel safe and bullying is not tolerated.

While we take pride in these acknowledged achievements, we are also committed to addressing the challenges that have led to our "Requires Improvement" grading, with a primary focus on student attendance. We acknowledge that student attendance has been a challenge, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic and we are taking this issue seriously and are committed to resolving it promptly.

"We are working closely with our Trust to ensure our pupils see nothing but improvements," said Steffan Ball, Acting Head of St Augustine Academy. "We have already embarked on a comprehensive improvement plan, which includes targeted strategies to address the areas identified by Ofsted. Our commitment to providing the best possible education for our students remains unwavering."

We would like to extend our appreciation to our students, parents, and the entire school community for their ongoing support. Alongside them and our Trust, we will work diligently to address this challenge and ensure that St Augustine Academy remains a place where every student can thrive.


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