Grammar Stream

St Augustine Academy’s  GCSE Grammar Stream has many advantages over traditional grammar schools. 

Firstly, students are educated in a co-educational school with boys and girls learning alongside, and from, each other.  Secondly, we are an inclusive Christian school so all students can aspire to be placed in the grammar stream.  Entry into the grammar stream is not based on a pass or fail on one test. In Year 7 and Year 8, all students have the opportunity to excel academically. Students who are selected for the grammar stream in Year 9 would be expected to have secure knowledge or mastery of the KS3 curriculum.

There are up to 60 students places in the grammar stream.

Once selected, students would start their GCSE courses in Year 9 and study Mathematics, English language and literature, a modern foreign language, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, History or Geography. In addition, the students can choose two more option subjects. The most able students would be given the opportunity to study an additional GCSE, follow a student leadership course or study one subject to AS level.

Grammar stream students would also be provided with additional career advice and support to increase their awareness, skills and confidence in how to apply to University and gain a professional career. The expectation for these students is that they would achieve outstanding GCSE grades and be able to complete their A Levels at a local Grammar school.

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