Enrichment allows students to engage in activities that are of interest to them. They get the opportunity to make their own choices and enjoy a whole hour of enrichment time.

The activity may be something they’ve never done before, or something that they’re really good at. They may wish to learn a new skill or enhance their existing skills.

Enrichment gives students the opportunity to explore a wide range of fun and educational activities to develop their interests and inspire potential hobbies and career aspects.

Our enrichments are either led by our experienced staff, or we hire in experienced professionals to lead premium activities. Students also have the option to take part in activities that are held off-site. 

For further information on the Enrichment programme, please contact our Enrichment Co-ordinator Miss Meflah at

For the latest range of activities available to students, see the attached document under Page Downloads below.

“By taking performing arts as an Enrichment, I auditioned and was successful in securing a main part IN OUR SHOW.” Lee, Year 10


Enrichment Date  
Enrichment Term 1 2023 24 07th Sep 2023 Download
Term 2 Enrichment 2023-24 09th Oct 2023 Download
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