Christian Ethos

The Academy provides a strong and distinctive ethos based on Christian beliefs and values. The Academy, as the Gospels teach, actively teaches the importance of the value of love, forgiveness, truthfulness, integrity, generosity, reverence, wisdom, humility, endurance, compassion, peace, friendship, justice, and hope to all people.

We believe that education is much more than a ‘service industry’. At its best it should have a prophetic voice and should work to change the world for the better, to pursue peace and justice. The mission of church schools is to nurture our students and to speak out on important issues and to work for social justice as part of that mission.

The Academy is inclusive and caters for the needs of all students.

  • The central importance of its Christian foundation is the driving force for the Academy’s ethos. It inspires all that the Academy does: leadership, learning and personal development, creating an Academy for those of all faiths or none.
  • A whole child approach to education exists so that every student is given opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and understanding through an open mind. 
  • Our ethos is realised through personalising the curriculum and Academy experience for each student, responding to their learning needs by creating provision that is appropriate whether it is academic, personal, social, moral or spiritual.
  • The Academy provides a happy, safe environment where staff and students are treated with dignity and respect. We are a place of hope and encouragement and work to create exciting futures for all our students and the wider community.

In return we expect:

  • Excellent behaviour.
  • The highest levels of attendance and punctuality.
  • Courtesy and respect for others.
  • Hard work from all involved in the Academy.
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