Our new library opened in February 2015.  We are excited about how it will help to develop an ethos of reading for enjoyment in our Academy.  We have a varied and interesting range of books for students to take out on loan.  While most of our books are new, we are augmenting our stock with good quality donations.  We would happily welcome any books you no longer need that you may wish to gift to the library – please pass any to Mrs Probets, our Academy librarian.

The library is open at break time, lunch time and after school until 3.45 (3.15 on Fridays).  Students can come to enjoy the quiet and read their own books, or take out, reserve, renew or return books.  They can also take quizzes for their Accelerated Reader texts.

We have an interactive website linked to the library, click here – please take a moment to explore the resource -  you can also download the free app!

The only thing that a student needs to do to be able to use the library fully is to complete and return the library form which you can download from the right hand side of this page. We don’t charge for overdue books but we do ask for damaged or lost books to be reimbursed or replaced.

Book Club Enrichment

Each term Book Club offers a new and exciting choice of reading material for Enrichment.  Students can choose Book Club and have the opportunity to relax, read and enjoy a range of powerful and popular literature, while also getting the chance to watch and compare film adaptations of the novels. 

By running Book Club, we endeavour to build a love of reading among our students.  It has grown in popularity throughout the year and it is wonderful to see our young people enjoying and extending their reading experiences. 

Accelerated Reader is a computer based reading program that is designed to encourage and improve students’ reading.  Students take a STAR reading test to determine their reading levels (ZPD score).  They then use this to choose suitable books to read.  Every class in year 7 and 8 spend time in the library for Accelerated Reader lessons.  Once they have finished reading a book, they quiz on it, aiming to maintain a 85% or better average.

We have already seen some fantastic progress in reading levels, based on our STAR retests.  Some students have embraced the spirit of the program fantastically and it is paying dividends.

The Accelerated Reader Bookfinder site mentioned above lets you know whether a book is on the system and, if so, what level it is.

The Renaissance Home Connect site allows you to view your child’s progress once they start quizzing – you should have received a letter with your log in details.  If you cannot find these, please ask  your child to ask Mrs Probets for the relevant information.



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