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NHS Careers Day

Posted on: 19th Jun 2019

Eight selected Year 11 students had an eye-opening day when they got to experience first- hand what it was like to take blood and how to use a cannula and even practice key hole surgery!!!  

Fortunately, as it was only their first time, they were in fact only practicing on simulated machines, albeit, very human like and realistic!!  The students who had all expressed an interest in working in the Health and Social care industry also got to see the workings of an ambulance and how paramedics are carefully trained in the ‘simatmosphere’ tent to re-enact different scenarios.  The students were able to explore their chosen career path by speaking to professionals on hand and gain further information and advice on different routes into the NHS.  The experience also changed the minds of a couple of our students as it opened their eyes to alternative careers within the NHS that they had not previously considered.  All in all a fun and informative day was had by all.

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