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Students at the Heart of Goverment

Posted on: 11th Jul 2019

At the end of June, Year 9 GCSE Citizenship students went to the Houses of Parliament for a guided tour. It was an informative visit and included a glimpse of the Speaker of the Houses’ procession as the House of Commons opened for its daily business.  Students were in awe of the gothic decoration and grandeur of the building, despite spending most of the day trying to ‘spot Boris’!

The trip was a result of the persistence of Chloe Twyman (a Citizenship student) who, not happy with the general lack of availability of tours, wrote a letter to our local MP demanding she assisted in booking a tour.  When she didn’t receive a reply she wrote again, and again, and again.... Seven letters later and the tour was booked and arrangements were made. Well done Chloe!

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