SAA Training Ethos

Why teach?

Every day you have the chance to inspire and change the lives of young people.

Most of us will have a story or two about a teacher at school!  You may have experienced a truly brilliant teacher who had an impact on your life as they were passionate about their subject; you may remember a teacher who supported you through a difficult and challenging time.

As a teacher you have the ability to unlock a vast amount of potential and talent in young people.  You have the opportunity to help shape the working population of the future. 

It is exciting! Every day is different and there is no such thing as a ‘typical day’: never boring, always challenging; a wealth of variety awaits. 

You just need to start the journey into teaching….

Train to teach with us.

St Augustine Academy has an established track record of training successful teachers.  All of our trainees are successfully employed and many now have roles of responsibility in local schools.

All of our previous trainee teachers have gained employment in education.

We are committed to working with a group of schools and training providers in Maidstone and Medway to provide high quality teacher training.  Each of our trainees will be provided with a Mentor to work with them and support every step of their training, as well as a Professional Tutor to monitor and manage the entire Training Programme.  Trainees will participate in an extensive training programme in school as well as professional studies delivered by the training provider, Kent and Medway Training (KMT). Please see for more details.

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