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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

The Academy curriculum has a real world focus and offers a varied & rich curriculum to appeal to every interest and aspiration.

Full details of the rationale behind the Academy’s curriculum can be found on the ‘Our Academy’ page on this website. Details of the individual subjects which make up the curriculum are shown on the left.

In years 7 & 8, students study a full range of ‘traditional’ subjects together with PSHE (Personal, social and health  education).

In year 9, students will be able to choose from a range of options and some students may be guided to pick either the Vocational route or the Baccalaureate route.

In years 10 & 11, GCSE & BTEC subjects, Gifted & Talented options (in year 11), vocational courses, continuing studies of a subject on another course or increasing  curriculum time within core areas are available  to secure students’ levels of progress.

The Academy:

  • Provides an education that creates a sense of excitement and an enthusiasm for lifelong learning that goes beyond the quest for exam success.
  • Provides opportunities for students to work on real life challenges.
  • Ensures that all students acquire high standards in Literacy, Numeracy and Information and Communications Technology which are essential to their future success.
  • Exposes students to new and challenging experiences and real life situations that encourage them to broaden their horizons.

For details about each individual subjects in our curriculum please go to the Subjects menu.

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