Overview of course


The vision of the Geography Department is to equip all our students with the skills          and knowledge required to understand and participate confidently in the world they live.  Our curriculum will help students unravel challenging issues that we face in the UK and around the world.  Students will learn to question, build a world view based on sound evidence and put key events in context.

‘’For me Geography is a great adventure with a purpose.” Michael Palin

Programme of study

The KS3 curriculum (yr7-9) provides the foundation for all key skills and knowledge            for GCSE by introducing students to a range of issues and phenomena.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

What is a Geographer?



Map Skills



UK Economy

Climate Change






Natural Hazards


Global Trade


Middle East









Skills / Knowledge / understanding

Students will develop a range of practical and study skills.  Students will develop skills to become independent, critical thinkers able to pose questions about their world and know how to answer any question they dare to ask.

Students will become more aware about the world around them.  They will be able to understand and explain many of the human and physical environments around them

The skills of a Geography student are valued by employers and higher education institutions.  Students with a good GCSE in Geography will have many options when          they come to choose their next steps. Just a few options are finance, insurance, banking,  travel and tourism, surveyor, international aid worker, environmental planner, project manager, energy sector, conservation… which could be pursued all over the world!


Methods of assessments / accreditation structure

Assessments: a range of assessments will be used to track and support progress as          well as prepare your child for GCSE.

  • Quizzes and  Cumulative Knowledge Tests

  • Tracking the quality of classwork and homework

Feedback will be provided in a range of ways:

  1. Verbal feedback

  2. Written feedback

How Parents and Carers can help

To help you support your child the Geography Team upload all the resources you and      your child need to study at home onto Showbie.Over the course of the year, this includes GeoBoards to support each topic, HWK and revision lists and ideas of how to revise.

We would also recommend using This is an outstanding site full of videos and tips for exam technique.

All students who enjoy geography would benefit from watching the news, documentaries and keeping on top of current events. The BBC’s Country File is a good source of information.


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