Health and Social Care


SUBJECT Level 2 Technical Award in Health and Social Care

Exam Board             NCFE CACHE

Overview of course

This qualification acts as an introduction to the sector. They will consider aspects of human growth and development through the life stages and consider professional practice and the health and social care practitioner. Students will build skills from life observed and experienced.


Year 10 Programme of study

TAHSC 1: Introduction to the health and social care sector

1    Understand health and social care provision

2    Understand job roles of health and social care practitioners

3    Understand how health and social services are accessed

4    Understand specific care needs and services accessed by individuals throughout their life stages

5    Understand informal care

6    Understand regulation and inspection in health and social care provision

Year 11 Programme of study

TAHSC 2: Professional practice and the health and social care practitioner (Part 2)

  1. Understand partnership working in health and social care
  2. Understand different career pathways in the health and social care sector

Assessed by internal assessment

TAHSC 3: Human growth and development through the life stages

  1. Understand development from conception to birth
  2. Understand development across the life span
  3. Understand influences on human development
  4. Understand transitions and significant life events
  5. Understand the role of care planning in meeting the needs of individuals and promoting well-being

Assessed by internal assessment

A short answer exam, with a focus of the three above units combined.



Skills / Knowledge / Understanding


Students will be expected to develop their scientific, mathematical and investigative skills in all Physics during their course of studies. Learn the key facts and equations for each topic of study.


Methods of assessment / accreditation structure

These courses are linear, with all the examinations taking place at the end of Year 11. Students will sit 2 examinations consisting of 2 papers of 1 hour 45 minutes. There are two Physics papers P1-P3 and P4-P6.

End of topic assessments; Examination Style Question Homeworks; Cumulative Knowledge tests, Mock examinations

On-going support, focused feedback and targets for improvement will be provided by their class teacher on the examination style homeworks.

In School Contacts

Please contact Mrs K Seale, course leader for Health and Social care:

How Parents and Carers can help

  • Talk to your child about specific topics and where possible if it connects, make the links to real life. This will support empathy and values towards positive relationships.
  • Ask about homework, what needs to be completed /when does it need to be handed in etc
  • Print past exam papers and talk these through, they become ‘less scary’.
  • Use past papers to complete, followed by filling in gaps in a different colour when using a resource such as a textbook to help with filling in answers that students are stuck on.

Resources, Software and Websites used


TED Talks -  health and social care


Class textbook – ISBN no: 978-1-5104-6215-1

Cache Level 2 Technical Award in Health & Social Care

 Judith Adams / Hodder Education


Health or Social Care related documentaries

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