Dancing to success!

Posted on: 8th Mar 2021

A couple of weeks ago, Mrs Kearns, our Dance teacher, launched a dance competition on Showbie that all students could participate in. They had a brief to follow – they had to devise a short piece of choreography with a circus theme.  Students then posted their videos onto their Showbie accounts and emailed Mrs Kearns with a description of their character and choreographic intention. 


Mrs Kearns continues: "Mrs Carlo and I have judged the entries this morning and are very impressed with the standard and efforts of the students.  Watching the talented dancers has really cheered us up and reminded us of how badly we need to get back to doing what we love – teaching a subject that we all love! We are bursting with excitement to open up the Performing Arts department and do what we do best - get students performing again!

It was a very difficult decision to choose winners – and here are the students for you to congratulate!"


YEAR 8: LOUISE DERRY - 1st  Place                            (£40 Amazon voucher)


YEAR 7: ISLAND KING – 2nd Place                               (£30 JD voucher)


YEAR 9: ALANA HOUGHTON AYLING – 3rd Place      (£20 Amazon voucher)


YEAR 8: VIOLET BROOKS – 4th Place                         (£10 Amazon voucher)


"I have telephoned all parents this morning to give praise and to congratulate the students. It seems that this challenge has given the students a well needed boost! Roll on normality and getting these students back into what they love doing. "

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