Rewards Week and the SAA Grand Prize Draw

Posted on: 16th Dec 2021

This year we introduced a new rewards system.  The system involves teachers nominating up to three ‘Stars of the Lesson’ each lesson.  At the end of each term we will be celebrating the success of our students and rewarding them for the ‘Star’ awards they have collected.  The first set of awards handed out in Rewards Week will be for students who have been allocated 25 or 50 stars.  All students who have met these thresholds will be rewarded with a star badge to reward them for achieving this number of ‘Stars of the Lesson’.   There are different colour star badges for different thresholds and star badges should be worn proudly on the student’s blazers.


The second element of Rewards Week is the SAA Grand Prize Draw.  This will take place each term, with three prizes per year group; five free meal at the Academy canteen vouchers, one  £25 Amazon voucher and, the main prize, a brand new iPad.  Winners will be chosen at random in assemblies for each year group across the week.  The more ‘Star of the Lesson’ awards a students has earned the more chances they have to win – for example if a student has been awarded ‘Star of the Lesson’ five times this term they will have five entries into the Grand Prize Draw. 


Next term the number of ‘Stars of the Lesson’ will be reset for the next prize draw, although students will retain the ‘stars’ they have achieved this term, where some will be aiming for the next threshold for a star badge – which is 75 stars.  The next Rewards Week will take place the week before the Easter holidays.

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