Skiing success!

Posted on: 12th Jan 2022

While most people would probably go out of their way to avoid extreme snowy weather, the Academy has one student who absolutely revels in it!

Year 11 student, Elizabeth Pragnell, is a very accomplished skier and has just returned from taking part in a European Ski Competition in Switzerland, representing the UK.

She was competing as a member of the UK Under 16 Women’s category in Ski Cross which is a timed racing event with skiers competing with each other to race over a course which incorporates all sorts of jumps and banked corners and other ‘obstacles’ that the skiers have to navigate.

On the first day, Elizabeth was ranked 3rd but on day 2, this rose to 2nd place, very narrowly being beaten by a Swiss skier.

We all congratulate Elizabeth on her amazing result and look forward to reporting more triumphs in the future – well done!

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