Students learn more about Maidstone Museum

Posted on: 14th Jan 2022

The Academy has been lucky enough to have had a visit from Ros Meredith, Learning and Events Officer at Maidstone Museum, who is also a member of our Academy Council as well as a parent of one of our students!

She kindly agreed to come along and talk to a group of Year 10 students who were keen to learn about potential career paths in that sector.

After outlining potential career paths and the different types of work that are undetaken in the Museum, students were given a hands-on go at identifying several different artifacts from the Museum. They were given 3 possible descriptions of what each artifact was used for and had to choose which was the correct answer. It was a fascinating task and after discussions amongst themselves, the students managed to get the correct answer for most of them.

We are hoping to repeat this visit soon to enable more students to benefit from this interesting and informative session.


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