Year 11 Transitioning to Post 16

Year 11 Transitioning to Post 16

This page has been designed to provide key information and top tips for Year 11 as they transition from St Augustine Academy to their next destination.

Key Information for Year 11

Ensure students have a sensible personal email address (not the school email) which they use for applications and to check regularly as all communication from college/6th Form/job applications is done through email now.

  • Get familiar with the Kent Choices website – to let Mrs Parsons or Mr Muir know if you have lost or do not have your username or password.
  • Most applications to 6th Form will need to be done through Kent Choices unless the school requests that you apply directly through them.  Colleges can be applied to through Kent Choices or directly through the college website.
  • Students to make sure they have considered a back -up plan in case of not meeting entry requirements/courses not being run/oversubscribed etc.
  • Most open events for school 6th Forms have now taken place.  If this was missed, still apply as you can contact the school and try to arrange a tour at another time or when called for interview.  Colleges will have their second round of open events Jan – March time so check websites or Kent Choices for dates.

Key Websites for further and ongoing support

Researching Careers

Make use of the websites below to support you in your career planning:




To search for and to apply for apprenticeships. Also helpful to give you an idea of the types of jobs around locally.



Careers Pilot


  • Your choices : Year 11 and post 16
  • Routes to different qualifications and job sectors
  • Research different careers by job sector or by favourite subject
  • Online quiz to help match you to potential job sector areas




  • Browse job profiles by career sector or by name
  • Heaps of useful  Higher education (University)  information.
  • More in depth quizzes  - Job Match and Career Planner.

Kent Choices - Application Portal

KentChoices User Guide & Recordings of Webinars

Click here to view a quick overview video on KentChoices and how to use the site. You can also find recordings of recent webinars including Parent and Carer Evenings and College Information Sessions gives you all the background information you will need to help you plan your next steps and provides you with the links to local school 6th Forms, colleges and apprenticeship providers.

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