Overview of course

GCSE citizenship Studies is designed to educate and motivate students into becoming active citizens capable of engaging and discussing current issues.  Students will gain knowledge about democracy, government, the law, rights and responsibilities and other issues affecting citizens of Britain.  The curriculum includes elements of other social sciences like sociology, economics, government and politics and religious education.


Programme of study

The course is divided into four main themes:

  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Life in Modern Britain
  • Active Citizenship
  • Politics and Participation


Skills / Knowledge / Understanding

GCSE Citizenship Studies has the power to motivate and enable young people to become thoughtful, active citizens.

Students gain a deeper knowledge of democracy, government and law, and develop skills to create sustained and reasoned arguments, present various viewpoints and plan practical citizenship actions to benefit society.

They will also gain the ability to recognise bias, critically evaluate argument, weigh evidence and look for alternative interpretations and sources of evidence, all of which are essential skills valued by higher education and employers.

Methods of assessments / accreditation structure

At the end of the course students will sit two exams and gain a qualification in GCSE Citizenship Studies.  Each exam covers two of the main themes of the course. 

Exam 1 – Active Citizenship and Politics and Participation

Exam 2 – Rights and Responsibilities and Life in Modern Britain.

How Parents and Carers can help

To support students who are learning GCSE Citizenship Studies parents and carers could speak to students in regard to their learning.  The learning in lessons normally has links to questions and issues that are current in Britain allowing parents/carers and students to discuss and develop their ideas around these issues.


The current Citizenship Studies course at SAA follows the AQA specification.  In order to support student learning parents/carers should buy the revision guide for AQA Citizenship Studies.  This is available online and should cost around £10.




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