Overview of course

Year 7 and 8 students at St Augustine Academy will have a one hour lesson over a two week cycle dedicated to Careers, Employability and Enterprise Education. The programme has been designed using the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Education programme – Success at Schools. Success at Schools allows students to record their career journey, but also allowing their teachers to track and access their progress.

Programme of study



Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Term 1

Opening Your Eyes

Employability Skills

Improving Employability Skills

Term 2


All About Me

Key Stage 4 Options

Term 3

Exploring Industries

Digital Footprint

Finance and Life Skills

Term 4

Government and Community

Challenging Career Stereotyping

University Vs Higher Apprenticeships

Term 5

Starting a Business

Money and You

National Citizen Service (NCS)

Term 6

Sneak Peek at Business Life


What is work experience?


Skills / Knowledge / understanding

Success at Schools allows students to access a wealth of career information, in addition they can like, save and favourite information. Our Careers Team will be able to look this information and use it to support and advise students. These help formulate a Career Action Plan allows students to develop a timeline of goals and events that can be achieved within their career progressions, also allowing our Career Team to pick up this information.


Methods of assessments / accreditation structure

There is no assessment or accreditation for the this programme of study, however, students will receive a Attitude to Learning score on their reports.

How Parents and Carers can help

Parents and carers can support students by discussing career options with their child, students can log onto the Success at Schools portal from home allowing parents to see what their child has been looking at within their lessons. If students, parents and carers would like to get in contact, they can email Mr Muir at


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