Year 9 - Pack 3

EVENT OPERATIONS - Year 9 – Task 3

There will be set tasks on Seneca Learning for students to complete that will relate to the content of lessons that have been taught over the course of this year, this need to be completed.


Produce a paragraph on each of the factors below; specifically looking at how these factors impact customer service before, during and after an event. Try to use examples of an event in your writing.


  • Event planning
  • Policies and procedures
  • Staff training
  • Resources available


Students have access to Seneca Learning ( Students have all set themselves an account up, but if they need to set a new one up they can use any email of their choice. If they do need to set a new one up then they will need to join their class using the appropriate class code below:


Year 9 - pjvmpikbrg


Additionally students can access additional resources and revision tools via Padlet, by following the link below:

When accessing resources and material, if it asks for a password you will need to try in: staugustineretail


Please encourage students to complete set Seneca assignments or worksheets attached, as well as the tasks set in order to prepare them for coming back to school.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch or email Mr Muir


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