Retail Business


Retail Business


Overview of course

The qualification is built from discrete units, but allows for both synoptic learning and assessment. Each unit has an applied purpose which acts as a focus for learning and which makes the knowledge relevant and purposeful. It is also the means by which learners are enthused, engaged and motivated to study retail business. This also provides the opportunity for authentic work related learning which impacts on individuals, employers, society and the environment. 


Year 10 Programme of study

Within Year 10 we will look to complete of the Unit 2 exam component which is worth 25% of the overall grade. This exam will last for one hour and fifth-teen minutes. This will include looking at the individual topics that are looked at within Unit 2.

Year 11 Programme of study

Within Year 11 providing the success of the Unit 2 exam in Year 10, students will complete the Unit 1 and Unit 3 controlled assessment.  Unit 1 will look to be completed within Term 1 and 2. Unit 3 will look to be completed within Term 3 and 4. Students that need to re-sit the Unit 2 will also be allocated time to complete this.



Exam Board - WJEC


Skills / Knowledge / Understanding

Unit 1 LO1 Know customer service standards of retail businesses

U1 AC1.1              Describe principles of customer service

U1 AC1.2              Describe situations when customers interact with retail businesses

U1 AC1.3              Describe how customer service delivery differs across retail channels


Unit 1 LO2 Understand how retail businesses meet the expectations of customers

U1 AC2.1              Describe needs of different types of retail customers

U1 AC2.2              Explain how retail businesses meet expectations of different types of customers


Unit 2 LO1 Understand retail business

U2 AC1.1              Describe forms of retail businesses

U2 AC1.2              Assess forms of ownership for retail businesses

U2 AC1.3              Suggest objectives of retail businesses


Unit 2 LO2 Understand the business environment in which retail businesses operate

U2 AC2.1              Explain how the UK business environment affects retail businesses

U2 AC2.2              Explain the effect of location characteristics on retail businesses in different locations

U2 AC2.3              Suggest methods used by retail businesses to achieve objectives


Unit 3 LO1 Know how retail operations are organised

U3 AC1.1              Describe activities of retail functional areas

U3 AC1.2              Describe rights of retail employees

U3 AC1.3              Summarise responsibilities of retail employees

U3 AC1.4              Describe effects of legislation on retail operations


Unit 3 LO2 Understand interaction between customers and retail activities

U3 AC2.1              Assess methods used by retail businesses to encourage sales

U3 AC2.2              Explain how technology is used to interact with customers


Unit 3 LO3 Understand how retail businesses prepare for changes in the retail environment

U3 AC3.1              Explain the effects of seasonality on retail operations

U3 AC3.2              Explain measures retail businesses use to prepare for unplanned situations in daily retail                                              operations

Methods of assessment / accreditation structure

This qualification is composed of 3 units:


UNIT 1 – The customer experience assessed by a portfolio of coursework – 25%

UNIT 2 – Retail business eternal exam – 25%

UNIT 3 – Retail operations a second portfolio of coursework – 50% The exam is 75 mins and is sat in June.


There is one resit opportunity; the highest grade achieved will then be carried forward with the coursework to achieve the final grade.

In School Contacts

If students, parents and carers would like to get in contact, they can email Mr Muir at

How Parents and Carers can help

Parents and carers can help students by revising key words and terms at home with their child, as well as the encouragement to complete home learning tasks. This will aid the memory of knowledge for each child.

Software and Websites used

Students are able to use to access a range of topics and areas of learning that are covered in the WJEC Level 1/2 Award in Retail Business – assignments will be set through this as well as homework tasks. In addition, students will also be able to access and gain information from, lesson content will also be uploaded to this site.


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