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Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Bronze practice Expedition

Posted on: 17th May 2019

The nationally recognised Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme has been built up from scratch by our Head of MFL, Mr Fishman, and it is now a major part of St Augustine Academy’s range of extra-curricular activities that we offer our to students. Not only are we now a ‘Directly Licensed Centre’, meaning that have overall control for running the whole Award in-house, but we have had an amazing 42 students who have completed awards since 2014.

This month, it’s a big ‘well done’ to the 27 students who completed their Bronze practice Expedition. The five teams met early on Saturday morning at Hopehill near Meopham, to complete two days of a planned route, carrying all of their equipment with them. Despite everyone having a tricky first day navigating the footpaths in the area, on the second day things improved and everyone managed to complete the second route.

Planning for the qualifying Expedition in mid-June has started and the teams are working hard to improve on what they learned from their practice.

A big thank you to all staff who helped, and also to the parents and carers who have continued to support students with their Award.

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