Weightlifting successes - again!


Copper Challenge

Posted on: 8th Mar 2022

Nowadays, finding any loose change in your purse or wallet is virtually impossible but probably, at home, everyone has the odd stash of 1p and 2p coins hanging around that no-one knows what to do with.

So the Academy then set a fun challenge for year 10 students - a Copper Challenge - to see which Mentor group could bring in the most copper coins and then hopefully a tower would be built with of all the coins.

Ms Michell's group were the winners with Cameron Jeffrey bringing in the most coins.

The photo shows students holding containers full to the brim with every coin that was brought in. Unfortunately, the tower wasn't built but the amazing amount of coins will be donated to a charity of the students choice which is still under discussion.

Well done and thank you to all who brought in their 'coppers.'




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